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Sorry I'm so late writing but wanted to drop you a line and say what a fantastic time we had in BamBam the other weekend. He was the perfect bus, excellently presented, clean, tidy and ran like a dream; we loved him and it made our first VeeDub camper experience a real joy. It was particularly satisfying to fire up his engine... and hear that classic VW exhaust note next to our mate's quiet and soulless 2010 T2, you can't beat an original bus!

We will definitely be repeating a rental with you as soon as we can and perhaps will venture further afield than the New Forest next time...

Thanks again,

Matt & Lizzie Abbiss

"We hired a van for the day through Dorset Dubbers and had the best time - I couldn't wipe the grin off my face for a few days after and now have the 'bug' big time! Dorset Dubbers are passionate about their VW's and lovely people to deal with. Highly recommended for a fantastic fun experience".

Poole, Dorset.

We used Dorset Dubbers for our wedding in May 2011 and were really happy with their service. We hired 'Nellie' who was immaculate inside and out. Our driver, John, was friendly and helpful and arrived early, allowing us plenty of time for photos. He also gave us a bottle of bubbly which was a nice touch. I would definately recommend them.

Mr & Mrs Shelton

We would just like to thank Dorset Dubbers for making our day even more special. From the time Mo (with the help of John) turned up to pick my wife up, to our great trip.... with the help of bubbly to our reception. We were treated to superb service, and an experience that will stay with us forever. Thank you John

We have a VW T2 32 year old Westfalia (WalleWax). It has been to 3 different garages since purchasing on 2010 as we are not mechanical and never intend to be, so trust is key to us as you might as well speak a different language when talking technical to us. But disappointingly and a lot lighter in the pocket the problem still remained each time that Wallewax was returned to us.

Finally we found Dorset Dubbers who located the problem and fixed it immediately. We have had further work carried out since as we are off to France for five weeks and want the camper at its best or nearest too for the journey. We knew Dorset Dubbers were right for the job from sourcing to repairing all on sight. They also gave sound advice with the experience and knowledge gained and we have found the service reasonable and invaluable in keeping Wallewax on the road. We would recommend them to others, we only wish we had found them sooner as it would have saved us some time and money.

Jane Coe

A recount of our time with Mo...

For me, it was love at first sight. Mo, a 1969 left-hand drive Californian VW camper van, was ready and waiting as we arrived at Dorset Dubbers. All done up like an expensive Burberry mac with beige bodywork and curtains of that distinctive check, this was to be our home on wheels for the next few days. I knew my husband would be delighted – I've lost count of the number of times he's said how much he'd like a holiday in a camper van – but I didn't expect to be so smitten myself. By the time we had transferred the last of our belongings from our car into the camper van, I had fallen hook, line and sinker.

We set off in the Friday afternoon rush-hour traffic. Approaching the first roundabout, my husband glanced at the on-coming traffic and drove straight on. Not surprisingly, Mo's 40 year old engine proved to be slightly less responsive than the Mercedes he usually drives. A fanfare of irate horns indicated that this would be a different sort of driving experience. By coincidence, we had both learned to drive roughly the same time Mo was manufactured so it was like a trip down memory lane. We remember those big long gear sticks – and only four gears! - and that huge great steering wheel that you can rest your arms on. No ABS, no powerful acceleration. Both stopping and pulling away take a long time in a vehicle of this vintage, so you'd better start changing down the gears as a junction approaches and look out for a good long gap in the traffic before you pull out.

Hard to say which was the more challenging – driving down the steep hill at the Cobb in Lyme Regis or driving back up it. Would we be able to stop at the bottom – and would we make it back up to the top? Modern cars drive themselves – you have to drive a 1969 VW camper van. Incidentally, we'd been told not to worry about overtaking in a left-hand drive vehicle because we wouldn't be doing any overtaking, and true enough, in the four days we had Mo, we didn't overtake a single vehicle. Quite the opposite – we took to pulling over to allow the queue of slightly frustrated modern cars to go past us.

But what a joy it all was. No point using main roads if you rarely go faster than 45mph, so we stuck to the B roads and country lanes, and were rewarded with breathtaking views and enchanting villages, Dorset at its beautiful best. There's a camaraderie between VW drivers who wave and smile at each other and everywhere we went we were aware of admiring glances from motorists and pedestrians alike. At the campsites, people came up to look and chat and we began to feel quite smug.
As a home on wheels, Mo is small but perfectly formed. Everything we needed and plenty of room, but cosy and snug. We left the louvre windows open and slept like logs on the rock & roll bed. (A term which refers, slightly disappointingly, to the mechanism which transforms it from seat to bed, not to flashing lights and mirrors on the ceiling.) I like my creature comforts – hot showers, proper loos, hairdryers – and each of the three campsites we stayed at provided all these. 'Why didn't we do more of this when the children were young?' asked my husband. 'Because it wasn't like this then' I said, remembering a solitary stand-pipe in the corner of a field. It was a long time ago, the children now have children of their own.

We agreed we wouldn't want a bigger van. This is the perfect size to drive where you want and easy as anything to set up when you get there. You don't have to worry about parking when you're out and about, but it's big enough to be comfortable overnight. We loved every minute. It was our first venture in a VW camper van, but it won't be our last

By Polly

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