Dorset Dubbers

Dorset Dubbers can be sure that your camping holiday will be  ‘as individual as you are’.  

You will experience the charming effect a classic camper has on you and the people you meet - smiles and waves on the road, friendship and fun throughout your journey.

At present all our campers originally started their life in California.  These vans tend to be the best imports due to the hot climate of California and thus keep the vans in better condition.  Hence, our vans are all left Hand Drive.

However, this is not really an issue because:

  • Campers are unique to drive – you’re sitting on top of the front wheels for a start!
  • You won’t be doing a whole load of overtaking - they’re not that fast and are designed to cruise.

Rest assured, we’ll give you all the instruction you need, including a brief test drive if you want to practise before hitting the open road.

Each of our campers has a personality and charm all of its own.


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